How to stop Forced Labor in Ukraine

The government in Ukraine has launched a crackdown on labor abuses, including forced labor.

The latest round of labor reforms will take effect in a few weeks, and will require employers to report to the authorities any worker who was not paid for their work.

The move comes as the Ukrainian economy continues to struggle amid a global economic crisis.

Ukrainian authorities have said they are preparing to introduce a new, more stringent labor law, and have also announced a raft of economic reforms aimed at improving the country’s economy.

The latest round will require companies to pay workers at least two weeks of unpaid wages, including overtime.

Workers who are not paid can be fired for not complying with the new rules, but workers who refuse to comply with the rules can be jailed up to two years.

Under the new labor law that took effect on July 10, employers will be required to report any worker that does not receive a minimum wage or overtime pay for at least three months.

The law also stipulates that workers who do not have valid documentation of employment must provide proof of employment for at Least six months after the worker leaves the company.

This is in addition to other new labor rules.

Workers will be obliged to report working on Sundays and public holidays to the government, and the state will require that they provide proof that they are not working on private time.

Employees will also be required by law to take at least five days off work each week.

The new rules also prohibit employees from working in non-essential positions during public holidays.

In response to the new regulations, Ukrainian unions have organized strikes in the past, but have yet to use the new measures to bring about the new legislation.

In a statement, the International Labor Organization (ILO) said that the new law “violates the principles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, as it threatens to harm workers’ rights to work and to enjoy their dignity.”

The ILO also said that while some Ukrainian companies are complying with new labor laws, many workers still suffer abuses due to the current economic climate.

“While the authorities have made some progress, the lack of transparency and effective enforcement of labor laws in the country is a fundamental problem,” the ILO said.


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