How many of the world’s poorest children are working?

This article first appeared on ABC News. 

The United Nations Development Program (UNDP) estimates that the global child labor force is currently around 30 million, but that the number of children working in the world has grown dramatically in recent years.

The UNDP’s latest Global Employment Report for 2016, released in February, shows that, of the countries in the report’s global region, China has the largest child labor population with a total of 665 million children.

The report also estimates that there are around 5 billion children worldwide.

It’s an interesting point to take into account, as it is not clear that China’s labour force is growing at the same rate as the rest of the developed world. 

China’s labour market is highly fragmented, with many parts of the country not having a formal labor market. 

In China, children are often exploited by their own parents in a system known as “ghost labour”, where their families can use their jobs to supplement their income.

The children are usually not able to speak English, and the job they are employed in can often be dangerous, with children frequently becoming trapped and exploited by gangs of thugs.

“The economic incentives are very different for Chinese and Westerners working in child labour, and there is a lot of child labour being done in China, which is not the case in Western countries,” the UNDP study explains.

“Children are often working in a dangerous situation because their families have no other option but to provide for them. 

Children are exploited by relatives or neighbors, often at the hands of adults, and sometimes by gangs or traffickers.”

It is often impossible to get the children into a school or to get them into vocational training.

Many children end up in forced labour or in situations of forced begging, begging for food or begging for other means of subsistence, which can have tragic consequences.

“The UN report says the number and number of child workers has also risen in countries such as South Korea, Brazil and the Philippines, which have some of the most restrictive labor laws in the developed worlds. 

UNDP chief economist and senior fellow at the Brookings Institution, Stephen Cottam, says the trend is likely to continue.”

China is an extremely complex economy.

It is also a highly fragmented economy,” he told ABC News in an interview.”

We do not yet know the full extent of the problem.

It would be a mistake to say we know it well enough.

“What we know is that there is substantial evidence that children in China are being exploited.”

The world’s most populous country is likely doing something wrong in terms of child labor.

“In the past we have seen China make a very serious effort to tackle the problem, but this does not necessarily translate into any tangible policy response.”

Cottam says the UN report is an important step in the right direction, but he cautions against the generalisation that child labor is an industry problem.

“There are other sectors of the economy that have children working, and those sectors are being taxed much more heavily than child labor,” he said.

“But it is also true that child labour is an occupational hazard in China.

It’s not just in China where it’s a problem, it’s everywhere.”

The report says child labor in China is mostly concentrated in the rural countryside.

It says children are paid below the poverty line in China and they work in the fields of silk and sugar cane. 

However, it says that in some countries like India and South Africa, there is less child labour.

“They have better child labor laws, but they have a much higher proportion of children doing manual work,” Cottams said.

In countries such a South Africa and India, the children are generally paid below $US5 a day.

“South Africa is one of the poorest countries in South Africa.

It has the highest percentage of child laborers in the country.

And so the vast majority of the population in South African society are working in manual occupations,” he added.”

Child labor is a problem across South Africa.”

Child labor rates are a global problem.

The problem is not just confined to South Africa; child labor rates have risen in other parts of Asia.

The World Bank has estimated that the total number of countries where child labor has increased over the last decade has risen from 13 to 23 countries, with the largest increase in the United States and Australia.

Child labor has also increased in the Philippines and Indonesia, which both have high levels of child poverty.

Custodial authorities in these countries are more likely to investigate and prosecute child labour than they are in countries with higher levels of poverty.

But the UN says child labour in these developing countries can have dire consequences.

“If children are exploited, they have to find other ways to survive, so there are a lot more cases of children dying or dying of starvation,” Cattam said. China is a


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