How did the federal government respond to the forced labor crisis in Australia?

Posted August 14, 2019 07:24:18 A federal government inquiry has found the nation’s forced-labor crisis has been worse than first thought, but the Labor Party has been quick to paint it as a government “failure.”

Key points:The inquiry found the state of the forced-labour crisis in the country was “serious and serious issues”The report found the government’s response to the crisis was “shallow” and “not sufficient”The inquiry is expected to recommend measures to address the problem by 2019The inquiry’s chairman, Senator Stephen Parry, said the inquiry’s findings could have implications for the country’s “future as a free and open society.”

The report into the forced labour crisis found there were “serious issues” and recommendations needed to be made about the matter.

“This inquiry has come to the conclusion that there are serious issues in Australia about forced-work,” Senator Parry said.

“And, while there are some people out there who think this is a serious issue, there are other people out here who think it’s just a matter of good luck.”

Labor said it was “disappointed” by the inquiry findings, which it described as a “shackling of the truth”.

“This is an unprecedented and unacceptable situation that is costing us and our economy thousands of jobs,” Labor spokesman for regional affairs David Shoebridge said.

He said Labor was seeking changes to Labor’s welfare system that would reduce the cost of “workfare” programs that allow Australians to take jobs.

The inquiry into the labour crisis concluded there were serious problems in the forced employment system and recommended that the Labor Government should implement a range of measures to ensure it was not “abusing or over-burdening” those working on the system.

It also recommended a “comprehensive” national approach to the problem, including more targeted programs.

The report said the Government’s response had been “shakily” conducted and there were a range “of problems” that needed to “be resolved”.

“The Government’s approach to dealing with the issue was shoddy and inadequate,” it said.

Mr Shoebrick said the Federal Government “has not made significant progress” in tackling the problem.

“The Minister for Employment has taken an overly cautious approach, and I have no confidence in him or the Minister for Workplace Relations, and the Government will not continue to do so,” he said.

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