Which countries in Africa are most affected by the Ebola outbreak?

Some countries in West Africa have been hit hardest by the outbreak, including Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

And even countries in the same region that have seen minimal outbreaks are still struggling to contain the spread.

The first signs of Ebola emerged in Guinea in early August.

Within days, the outbreak was spreading to Sierra Leone.

But then Liberia’s health minister, Charles Seifert, said that he was unsure whether the virus had spread to Liberia’s capital, Monrovia.

By early October, the virus was detected in Liberia’s largest city, Monu, with the most confirmed cases, a statement from the Liberian Ministry of Health said.

At the time, Ebola was being traced in a small town in the center of Monu and in a nearby village, the ministry said.

In both cases, the suspected case was reported as an infected person, not a person who had been hospitalized.

The second case was identified as a Liberian man, and the third case as a foreign man who had come to Liberia from Nigeria.

The Liberian government said Friday that all of the confirmed cases were from the city of Monro.

In Monu on Saturday, there were no confirmed cases in the surrounding villages.

“This outbreak is spreading in the most isolated areas,” the Liberia Ministry of Information said in a statement.

“In Sierra Leone we have seen no cases from the towns of Lusaka and Mopti.

But our health authorities in the capital are still trying to locate and isolate Ebola-positive people.”

At least 2,300 Liberians have died from the virus, according to the World Health Organization.

The virus was first detected in West African countries in early October.

There are no confirmed deaths from the disease in Sierra Leone or Liberia.

Sierra Leone has seen some of the worst outbreaks, but the disease is generally curable with treatment.

The virus is highly contagious and can be transmitted to anyone who has been exposed to the blood of an infected animal.

It has also been spread by sharing needles, dirty water and even food.

Health experts say the most severe symptoms of Ebola are diarrhea, vomiting and muscle aches.

The disease is highly treatable with medication and some people can recover.

But as the disease continues to spread, people in West and Central Africa are being advised to avoid the streets.

In Liberia, some of Liberia’s main markets are closed, including in Monu.

On Friday, the country’s government announced it was suspending all government-run health care programs and shutting down all private health facilities in Liberia.

Health workers in Liberia said the move was prompted by the virus’s spreading, and not a response to the current outbreak.


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