Guatemala workers hit hard by ‘drought and hunger’

Guatemala is the only country in Latin America that relies on the import of water from the Pacific Ocean for its water supply.

But after years of drought and hunger, workers there are now living under a “drought zone” where they are forced to spend most of their time in cramped conditions.

The result is a growing population of young people, who are unable to find jobs in the mining, construction, and other industries that are crucial to the country’s economic growth.

The crisis in Guatemala has forced tens of thousands of families to flee their homes.

The Guardian spoke to three young people who left Guatemala in the past year to escape the drought and its devastating effects.

The first of the men we spoke to told us about how he and his family have spent the past month living under constant threat of water shortages.

He described how the family’s water system was damaged and that their only source of drinking water is a well they used to make from the ground.

“When the rains come, we don’t have enough water.

We cannot make water to cook, because we are in a drought zone,” the young man said.

“When we use our tap water, it’s dirty, and we have to go out to buy it.

We are living in a desperate situation.”

The family had been trying to get water from local wells, but they are now forced to boil the water in the hope of drinking it.

One of the young men said that the families main source of water is the river.

The river has dried up, and the water has turned to toxic levels.

The families main way of life is to hunt, fish, and fish for fish.

“We are unable, we are poor,” the father told us.

“It’s been a year and a half since we left, but we have been very hungry.

We have been eating and drinking.”

When the drought started in the mid-2000s, the family began using the water from their wells for cooking and other essential needs.

But the drought only intensified as the rains came again, and they had to pay the price.

With no water to drink, they now rely on a combination of drinking the water and using a mixture of chemicals to purify it.

The family also uses a bucket to wash their clothes, and this is an extremely hazardous activity.

While the young people are unable for now to find work in the construction industry, they have been forced to look for work in other industries, including the fishing industry, and some of their friends are working in the mines.

These workers are paid less than the locals who are paid the same as the locals, but the young workers have been hit especially hard by the drought.

They are in desperate situations, living under the threat of starvation and forced to eat and drink to survive.

I’ve heard a lot of stories from young people in Guatemala.

It is very hard to live in such a situation.

I am here to help them and help them find a job.

We want to see them working, not to work.

I want to make sure they are getting enough food to eat.

In January 2018, the government began an operation to bring water to some parts of the country.

The project began in the southern part of the state of Tamaulipas, which is where most of the population of Chihuahua lives.

The goal was to bring back to life the water that used to flow through the river that feeds the community.

However, when it started to dry up in February, the water began to be diverted to other parts of Mexico, where it would be used for irrigation and water treatment.

Chihuahuan water has been a critical resource for the people of Chichen Itza, where a vast amount of water was diverted from the Chihuahuas aquifer.

During the drought, the population there has been forced into desperate situations.

The local government has also been forced by the government to cut off some of the city’s water sources.

We are hoping that it can be restored soon.

But we are very concerned because Chichen is the source of most of our water.

And that is why we are taking the necessary steps to bring it back.

After the drought was over, the city council decided to restart the project, which was approved by the Chichen municipality.

However the city now has no water, and is in need of funds to buy water.

The mayor of Chichihuahue, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, told the Associated Press that he hopes the city will be able to resume operations as soon as possible.

As of January 20, Chichen was in a “dry zone,” according to the National Institute of Aquatic Resources.

This means that the water washes off and the river is no longer in use.

However because the river’s source is so far away, it takes days for


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