Why the United Kingdom’s Labor Force is in Decline

When Britain was hit by a devastating economic recession in 2014, the British government launched a massive welfare programme called the Work Capability Assessment (WCAA) to determine whether or not people with skills or abilities were fit to work.

The program’s goal was to help ensure that “the UK can maintain its social and economic fabric, as well as to help its people cope with the challenges of the global economic crisis.”

The WCAA was meant to be a massive government initiative that would ensure that all of Britain’s citizens were working and contributing to the UK economy, but in the aftermath of the Brexit vote, the project was deemed a waste of taxpayer money, leaving thousands of unemployed Britons without any job security whatsoever.

That was a big loss for the UK’s economy, since the number of people working outside of the UK, which had traditionally been the country’s most secure, had dropped to near-record lows.

The UK’s unemployment rate is currently around 15.5 percent, a figure that has been steadily rising for years.

But according to a new report by the Institute for Fiscal Studies, the UK is on track to have lost around one-third of its population by 2020, and that means that Britain’s workforce is in danger of falling into a state of near collapse.

The UK has the third-highest unemployment rate in Europe and has seen its unemployment rate increase every year since 2009.

In that time, it has experienced a dramatic drop in average wages and incomes, and the country is set to experience an even greater decline in real wages over the next few years.

As a result, the Government has been unable to fund the WCAA and instead has had to resort to using a combination of tax increases and borrowing to pay for the program.

The results of the WCPA, however, are not good.

The report found that, despite the government’s claims of a successful program, the programme was unable to prevent the UK from falling into an economic recession.

The Government has already reduced the amount of money that people in the UK can receive by £1,000 a month.

This means that over the course of the next decade, the number who will be able to receive this money will be falling by an average of 8.3 percent, meaning that Britain is heading towards an economy where there will be only around half of its people working at any one time.

The report, titled The UK’s Work Capabilities Assessment (Work Capability Analysis) Has Been a Waste of Money, details how the WCAP has failed to achieve its stated goal of helping the UK maintain its economic cohesion and stability.

The WCAP’s funding is not targeted to help those who are not currently working, but instead, it focuses on the unemployed.

In other words, the funding is aimed at those who have no job prospects and have no access to any sort of work experience.

The lack of job opportunities means that the UK has a labour force that is largely underemployed, which means that even those who were in the workforce are struggling to find a job.

In order to combat this, the WCAFA also requires employers to offer more and more employment to those who applied for the job.

While this might be a good thing for those who can afford to pay more money, it is not going to be so good for the many who are unable to find employment due to the lack of employment opportunities.

As a result of the lack and underfunding of the Work CAPability Assessment, the employment situation for many of the unemployed is dire.

The jobless rate for UK workers has increased by more than 100 percent over the past ten years, and with the unemployment rate falling, the need for people to look for work has become even more acute.

In the meantime, the lack in opportunities means there are far fewer opportunities for people in precarious working conditions to get the sort of paid work they are capable of doing.

As an example, the Job Centre, a government funded organisation that helps people find employment, reported in January that the number in its workforce had been cut by around 25 percent over five years, which is far below the government target of providing 1 million jobs.

In addition, there is no guarantee that the government will be paying for the WCAPS in the future.

As such, the situation in the labour market is extremely precarious, and in a country where the government has had a huge amount of political capital invested in the Workcapability Assessment and the WCA, it appears that the Government is willing to go ahead with it at any cost.

This is a serious issue for the country as a whole, and is one that we cannot afford to let go of.


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