How Japan is changing its workforce to make it more competitive

As Japan gears up to take on its biggest challenge yet, it has taken drastic steps to attract the skilled, educated and skilled workers it needs to survive in the coming decades.

As a result, the country’s labor force is shrinking.

The country’s population is expected to hit about one billion by 2050, the latest government projection released last week.

And as the economy slows, the government says, more people will need to look for jobs.

In a bid to improve the countrys labor market, the Japanese government has made a number of major investments in recent years.

For example, it invested more than $1 billion in a $4.7 billion labor force training center that aims to attract workers with the highest education levels and experience.

It also established a $3 billion “jobs pool” to provide help to the unemployed and to help employers hire and retain workers.

As of December, Japan had about 9.8 million workers, or just over 11 percent of the country.

The unemployment rate, which is a measure of the percentage of the labor force with no job, is currently 6.5 percent, down from 8.3 percent in December.

The government says it is focusing on hiring the best workers, including those with advanced degrees and those who have graduated from universities.

It says it wants to make sure that young people who are currently working in jobs that don’t pay enough will have opportunities to pursue higher education and training, and that those with low education levels who have been laid off or left their jobs will be able to find work in the new economy.

But in some ways, the labor market has been in decline since Japan first started to implement policies that aimed to improve its economy in the late 1990s.

The government has been trying to boost the economy since then, with programs such as the Japanese Dream, which was designed to help workers find jobs and help them get better wages.

But these policies have failed to get the job market back on track.

In recent years, the jobs pool has become an increasingly popular recruitment tool for companies, and in 2014, the ministry of labor issued an order that required companies to hire at least 10 percent of their workers from the pool.

The labor pool has also been a source of frustration for many workers.

Many are frustrated that companies don’t know what they need to do to fill positions in the labor pool, and the government has not provided them with job training programs.

The labor pool also often doesn’t provide workers with access to education or training.

“If you look at a job posting in the news, they don’t provide you with training for that position,” said Yuki Sugiyama, an employment consultant.

Sugiyama says that’s why he is helping to create a training program for the new labor pool.

His company, Sugiyaya International, provides training to employers.

The company will hire a group of workers from various industries and then send them to a training center.

The workers will then go through a three-month job interview, where they will learn about their skills and responsibilities, Sugihama said.

The program, which Sugiyara says will be similar to those used by other companies in Japan, will be called the “J-Job” training program.

The Japanese government hopes to have the program up and running by next spring.

The job program is designed to be affordable for workers.

The program will offer workers the opportunity to work part-time during their working hours, and pay them for their time.

It will also allow them to stay in the country for up to one year without having to go back to their home countries.

Sugiyoshi estimates that the program will cost the government about $1 million to implement.

“The jobs pool is designed as a way to attract more young people and the young people are very talented and very capable,” Sugiyasaid.

“We want to make that a reality.”

In addition to the job training, SugiYas and Sugiyayas will be doing training for employers on how to find new hires.

They plan to start the program with a pilot program in September.


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