How to make sure you have enough work to meet the needs of your family

More than one-third of Americans, including 70% of the white working class, are at risk of losing their jobs over the next three years because of automation and globalization, according to a new report by the AFL-CIO.

The AFL-UNA report said nearly all of those at risk are women and people of color, but the majority of those jobs will also be lost in industries such as manufacturing and construction.

The report, which looked at the jobs that would be lost and how many jobs they would create, said that for women, a large portion of those in their 40s and 50s will be displaced as they age.

The authors also said they expected that more than a third of those employed by the tech sector would lose their jobs.

And that figure will grow to one-fifth of the workforce by 2030.

The data shows that, for women and minorities, the jobs they need to work will be harder to find than men.

More than half of the jobs in the U.S. economy are either part-time or part-year, the report said.

For example, nearly two-thirds of all manufacturing workers in the United States are women, the AFL said.

The workforce is also disproportionately white, with almost half of manufacturing jobs in America being held by white men.

About 80% of all workers in manufacturing are women in some capacity, but only about 10% of them work full-time.

The report said white women are more likely to be in part- or full-year positions, while black women are much more likely in part time.

More than half the jobs the report found would be eliminated by 2030, and a significant percentage of those workers would lose more than two-fifths of their jobs, the analysis showed.

More from the report:The report found that nearly one-quarter of all jobs would be displaced by automation, and one-sixth of those could be in industries like manufacturing and technology.

And half of those manufacturing jobs would disappear entirely.

For example, almost a third would be in manufacturing.

About 40% of jobs in technology would be replaced by technology.

That is a huge amount, the study said, and it means more than half (49%) of all U.N. jobs in manufacturing and related fields could be eliminated.

In terms of overall jobs, nearly one in five (17%) would be outsourced in the next decade.

That includes all manufacturing and non-technology jobs in agriculture, transportation, utilities, public works, health care, and education.

About one-fourth of jobs that are outsourced are in health care and social assistance, while another third are in education.

The biggest employer for these jobs would likely be the health care sector, which employs roughly 3 million people.

The industry’s workforce is aging, and more and more of those people are not going to work anymore, the authors said.

That means that the number of people working in health professions will also shrink, with the jobs of doctors, nurses, and other health professionals likely to shrink.

About 7.6 million people work in these professions today, the research showed.

The number of U.P. jobs is growing in the coming years.

The U.K. is the largest U.A.E. market, and nearly four-fifth of the U’s workforce lives in the country.

But the UUNA said that by 2030 the U is likely to lose more jobs than it gains because of a projected drop in foreign direct investment, which is a major source of jobs.

In a survey of UNA members, 85% said they are pessimistic about the future for U.UNA president Jodi Evans said the report is important because it shows how far we have to go.

The numbers show that, at this point, we are in a phase where the number and percentage of jobs lost are accelerating, and we’re still in a recovery phase,” Evans said.”

I don’t think we’re seeing the full extent of that, but there are a lot of other issues that are occurring that are leading us into a longer recovery.

“For the first time, the UNA is providing an estimate of the number who would lose jobs in 2030.

The numbers are based on the number we have now and projected to the year 2020.


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