How many of us are in the labor force?

Labor force statistics are compiled from a variety of sources and are used to monitor the labour force in a country.

These statistics are often used to estimate the overall labour force participation rate (LFPR) and the unemployment rate (UI).

There are several different labour force statistics, which are grouped into categories based on the type of occupation.

They are: the labour market participation rate, the employment rate, employment participation, the labour-force participation rate and the labour share of the population.

The labour force includes people in employment, people not in employment and people not actively looking for work.

There are also people employed and people looking for jobs.

In this article we will look at the latest estimates for the labour Force Participation Rate (LPR) and Unemployment Rate (UI) for Australia.

The LPR and UI are the measures of the labour participation rate in the population, the latter being the share of people who are either working or actively looking.

The LPR measures the proportion of the total population that is employed, but the UI is more accurately defined as the proportion that is unemployed.

The Labor Force Statistics (LFS) were released by the ABS on November 3, 2018 and contain labour force information for October 2018.

The data are available for the past three months.

The latest LFS data can be found on the ABS website.

To find out more about the LFS and the latest labour force estimates, you can download the LPR (Labor Force Statistics) and UI (Labour Force Indicator) charts from the Australian Bureau of Statistics website.

We have provided an interactive version of the LFPR and UI data using the interactive data viewer.

The interactive data is available on the LFA website.

You can also access the latest LFPRs and UI’s using the ABS’s own data explorer.

You should also note that the unemployment rates for each category of people are not calculated in the same way as the LFRs and UIs, so it is important to be aware of when to use the LFB or LFR.

The rates are calculated as a share of unemployment, which is calculated as the difference between the LFL and the LFM.

For instance, a 20% unemployment rate would be a LFL of 20%, a 20-25% unemployment would be LFR of 25%, and a 40% unemployment is a LFR under 40%.

The LFR is calculated using the number of unemployed people divided by the number who are employed.

For example, a 10% unemployment of 15% would be calculated as an LFR at 10%, and the rate of 10% is then multiplied by 4 to determine the LFN.

This information is used to help you make your decision about which to use in your employment planning.

You can also see the latest unemployment rates by occupation and the average number of employed people for each occupation.

You may also want to check out our article on the most important economic and fiscal indicators.



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