Labor force is at lowest since 1976, unemployment is higher

Labor force participation, or the percentage of people who actively seek work, fell for the second consecutive month to a record low of 65.2% in January, the Labor Department reported on Friday.

The jobless rate fell to 6.8% from 6.9% in December, the lowest since February 1976.

The decline was due to a decline in people working part-time, which is considered a negative sign.

The unemployment rate rose to 6%.

This is the lowest level since 1976.

Source: U.S. Labor Department dataSource: Bureau of Labor Statistics dataThe jobless figure is the number of people not looking for work who are actively seeking work, the number that actively seek and are not actively searching for a job.

The Labor Department defines a negative labor force participation rate as a percentage below 6%, meaning that the labor force is either actively seeking or actively searching.

The February drop in labor force employment was driven by a decline of 0.9 million full-time jobs.

That’s a decline by nearly 1.5 million jobs.

The February decrease in employment was due in part to the fact that more Americans started looking for full-timers jobs than previously reported.

The number of Americans who have actively sought jobs rose to an all-time high of 16.3 million.

The U.A.E. had the most Americans actively seeking jobs.

Source : U.B.C. dataFor months, the labor market has been in a tailspin as more people have stopped looking for jobs, or are actively searching, and more Americans have left the labor field to look for other work.

While this could be attributed to seasonal factors, the drop in participation and a higher unemployment rate in January was not expected to last.

The labor market in January is not expected or expected to rebound in the coming months.

However, if labor force growth continues at the current rate, the economy could be in for another strong month or two.

The Labor Department said that the unemployment rate fell from 6% to 6% in February, but that is a negative number, which means that the number who are currently unemployed is actually lower.

The monthly unemployment rate has been stuck at 6.1% for several months.

This is one of the reasons why some economists have argued that the January decline in unemployment could be due to people who are seeking part-timing jobs or people who stopped looking altogether.

The drop in full-term jobs is not the only reason the unemployment number fell in February.

The Federal Reserve lowered its key interest rate in December to 0.25% from 0.5%.

The central bank raised its key lending rate to 1% from 1.25%.

It also cut its benchmark overnight rate by 0.75 basis points.

The U.K. and Germany have been pushing ahead with the introduction of a European Central Bank referendum in February to decide whether to keep the euro.

If they succeed, the euro would be considered dead in the water.

If the euro does not survive, the European Union and the United States could face economic sanctions.

The Federal Reserve is scheduled to announce its decision on whether to lift interest rates on March 5.


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