How to improve your workplace life in Albania

Forced labor and domestic servitude are not just a problem for Albanians, according to a report by the U.N. agency which tracks labor and human rights.

In the first year of the government’s rule, Albania was one of the poorest countries in the European Union, with unemployment running at over 26 percent.

The report says Albania has not been able to end this situation, and that it is now a key issue for the U., European Union and international organizations to address.

Albania was ranked 15th out of 160 countries and territories in the 2017 ILO report, according and a recent poll shows that 60 percent of Albanians believe the country has a “high risk” of having forced labor or slavery.

It has also been reported that Albania has been forced to provide food aid to migrants.

This is because of the ongoing political crisis, the report said, adding that Albanian authorities “are also unwilling to address the needs of migrant workers by giving them a fair share of the national income.”

Albanian authorities are “lacking in the capacity to ensure that the rights of migrants are protected and that they are able to pursue the full range of economic opportunities, including work, education and employment,” it said.

The country is also struggling to find enough labor to meet domestic and international labor demands.

In 2015, the government ordered that the country “stop providing work to people who have been forcibly brought to the country by traffickers and exploiters” and that all migrant workers who were forced to work in Albania must be compensated.

However, Albanian labor force participation has remained high in recent years.

The Labor Ministry estimated that about 4 million people are employed in Albania, and the country’s unemployment rate is estimated at 15.7 percent.


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