How Japan is changing its labor force by 10 percent over the next five years

In a speech to the Japan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (JCIC), Prime Minister Shinzo Abe laid out his plans to boost the country’s labor force.

“We must not forget that Japan is still a nation of immigrants.

That’s why, if we’re to keep our country strong, we must ensure that our future workforce is fully mobilized,” Abe said.

“It’s necessary to ensure that we are able to recruit and retain new members.”

Abe said that the government would focus on improving the productivity of Japanese workers, which he called “critical for our economy.”

Abe promised to spend $150 billion on new labor-force training, education and employment opportunities, and said that a new $50 billion “Japan Labor Force” program would create up to 4 million jobs.

But Abe also stressed the importance of maintaining the countrys strong social safety net.

“I firmly believe that every Japanese needs a safe, well-paying job,” he said. 

“It is important that we maintain Japan’s social safety nets and social welfare system to ensure a stable and prosperous economy,” Abe added.

“If we don’t, we will all suffer.” 

In addition to training new workers and boosting productivity, Abe said the government was also aiming to boost employment.

“In addition, we’re aiming to help businesses and workers find new opportunities,” he added. 

In 2019, Abe promised a “new beginning” for Japan.

He called for “a new social safety state,” and pledged to “do everything possible” to help workers and companies “build a strong economy and a stronger society.” 

However, Abe did not specify how his government would do this, as he did not lay out the details of his “new beginnings.” 

“The Japanese people, we can never forget, have been suffering for many years,” Abe told the JCIC.

“They have been deprived of their dignity and their human rights.

Our people have been struggling to live in peace, and we can’t do that if we don�t do everything possible to protect our rights.” 

As he outlined his new-found commitment to social safety, Abe added that he would make Japan a “strong and stable” country by improving the quality of life for workers. 

 The government said that it plans to spend an additional $50 million to boost labor force participation. 

The prime minister said that as part of his effort to “make Japan a strong and stable country,” he plans to introduce the “Job Security Guarantee” and the “Labor Force Protection Program.” 

Job Security Award A new “Job Safety Guarantee,” which is a new mechanism for providing “safety, security, and dignity to workers,” will be introduced as part the government�s effort to ensure “job security” for Japanese workers.

This will include “support for employment protection and employment assistance.” 

A “job safety guarantee” will be given to employees who receive unemployment insurance benefits for a job, and will be able to access unemployment benefits when they can prove that they are “fully engaged in work.” 

Employment Assistance A second new measure will provide assistance to businesses who are “in need of employment assistance” to hire and retain workers.

The government plans to implement a “Joint Employment Assistance Fund” for businesses that want to “offer job training, employment assistance, job retraining and other support.” 

 “Joint employment assistance is a common practice that has been around for years, but it has never been expanded to cover all employees of businesses,” the government said.

 The JEA will provide “job training, job assistance, and other job retrial services to businesses in need of assistance.”

The government will also provide “security assistance” for workers who need to report serious health or physical conditions. 

Employee Assistance The employment assistance will be provided to “job retraining, employment, and security assistance workers,” according to the government. 

According to the Labor Ministry, the job retrial program will provide job retrainees with “an opportunity to work for up to four years in an enterprise where the employee has received job training and has successfully passed the training.” 

Joint Workplace   According the government, it will work to create “job readiness centers” to “develop and promote joint employment programs for workers and employers, with the aim of providing joint employment assistance to workers.” 

The JEC will be “responsible for the development of joint employment projects,” and will develop the JSA (Job Security and Social Welfare) program, as well as training and assistance for the job retrained workers.

A JEE (Job and Employment Assistance)  will be established for employees who have been in employment for  4 years or more in


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