When Qatar forced labor force is the best indicator

QATAR, Qatar (AP) Forced labor is the only economic indicator Qatar uses to gauge its labor force growth.

But it is not necessarily a reliable indicator.

A recent report by the International Labor Organization (ILO) found that countries with higher labor force participation rates are less likely to experience large spikes in unemployment or high unemployment rates.

Qatar’s labor force figures, obtained by The Associated Press through a public records request, are the only country-by-country measure Qatar uses for labor force estimates.

They show that unemployment in Qatar fell to 10.7% in February from a peak of 12.6% in August.

That compares with a national unemployment rate of 19.3% in June of 2016, according to the ILO.

The ILO report was based on the Labor Force Survey, a monthly survey of about 1,400 people conducted by the Labor Ministry.

Its final count is due out in May.

The latest figures show that Qatar’s labor forces are the lowest in the region, at about 2.5 million people.

The U.S. has about 7.7 million people, while Australia has about 6.5m, the report said.

Qatari officials have repeatedly said that they want to grow its economy and create jobs.

The country has said it is working to modernize its labor laws, which include making it easier for workers to form unions and expand social security.QATAR ISLAND — Forced labor in Qatar has dropped to 10 percent from a high of 12 percent in August, according an ILO estimate released Thursday.

The labor force data, released by the World Bank and the Labor Organization, was based upon the Labor Survey, which is the monthly survey by the labor ministry.

The final count will be due out May.

Qatas labor force fell to about 2 million people in February, the first month of a 10-year period that has seen the country shrink by more than 1 million people since June.

The total number of unemployed people in the country in the past two years fell to 2.4 million, down from a record high of 3.3 million in June.

While the numbers do not show a sudden rise in unemployment, they suggest that Qatar has experienced a dramatic decline in labor force membership and unemployment, particularly in areas such as the fishing and tourism sectors.

Qatiya’s labor numbers are not necessarily reliable because they are based on a survey that has been conducted only a few months into a two-year survey, the ILOS said.

Qatar does not provide labor force statistics to the government.

Qats labor force numbers also have a major flaw, which experts say is the lack of transparency in how they are calculated.

Qahtan Ali, a researcher at the Institute of Economic Affairs in Qatar, said Qatar’s data is based on data from a survey conducted only in the first half of 2016 and that the methodology has been changed over time.QAHTAHALILI/AFP/Getty Images”We are not sure if it is reliable or not,” Ali said.

The results of the latest Labor Survey are subject to changes, he added.

A labor shortage is a serious problem for Qatar because it has a large number of expatriate workers, especially in the tourism sector.

Qatar also has large foreign-based businesses that depend on foreign labor for their livelihoods.

A study conducted in December found that the country was experiencing an increase in its labor supply as the Middle East and Africa regions experienced a decline in tourism and the international economy.

Qa’ida in the Arabian Peninsula, a militant group that wants to topple the government in the kingdom, claimed responsibility for the deadly bombing that killed over 70 people in Doha last summer.

A senior Qatari government official told the AP that the labor force report is “just a way to measure the economy.”

Qatar has seen a drop in economic activity due to the crisis and the closure of the Gulf ports, Ali said, but Qatar has not experienced a big drop in the unemployment rate.

Qayoum is the country’s largest city, with about 7 million people and a population of nearly 2 million.

The city of Doha is about 35 miles (50 kilometers) east of the capital, Doha.


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